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Hello family, friends, and visitors. I am lucky enough to have been temporarily transferred by my company to Alaska for most of 2005 (and hopefully I'll get to return some day). These galleries are my attempt to share the experience of an appreciative N.H. visitor to this ‘Last Frontier’. I’m a Newbie at digital photography, having purchased my first camera (a Panasonic FZ-20) only two days (i.e. 3/3/05) before the Iditarod, so do not expect professional pictures. All photos are basically point and shoot, using available light, and the camera’s judgment as to shutter speed, aperture, etc. (i.e. automatic mode). If you are particularly fond of any photos, the glory goes to God, who created this relatively unspoiled masterpiece known as Alaska. Hope you enjoy your visit here. Will be updating regularly – so y’all come back now, heah.

SMUGMUG: [P.S. Should you decide you want to post photos at Smugmug, you can save $5 off the $30/yr subscription ( and I get a $10 credit) if you enter my E-Mail address ( ) or coupon # ( ZHlVzfnKv1sI6 ) in the 'Referred by' field on the signup form. Reasons I chose Smugmug: 1) many positive forum postings at; 2) easy to upload photos and personalize homepage w/ many features and options; 3) lots of flexibility in how visitors can view pictures and no ads or pop-ups; 4) no limit on quantity of photos posted; 5) run by a family, rather than a corporation, committed to maintaining a G-rated site – no wardrobe malfunctions at Smugmug, unless a dog loses a snow bootie.]

Congrats Pats!!! Go Sox!!!!
Yankees S* (Never mind – I forgot, this is a family-oriented site.)

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